W Water constitutes nearly 75% of Earth’s surface. 3% of it is fresh water. 70% of fresh water can be found in glaciers and icecaps. Only 1% of our planet’s water supply is drinkable. During the ice age, the territory of Estonia was covered by the Scandinavian Ice Sheet. The birth of natural mineral water Haage dates back 25 000 years, towards the end of the ice age, when the ancient glacial ice of Scandinavia began to melt. While on its long journey through various soil horizons, natural mineral water Haage has filtered and enriched itself with ancient minerals. Natural mineral water Haage with its consistent moderate level of minerals is pure, fresh groundwater which is bottled directly at the source. Today, natural mineral water Haage is obtained from the depth of 210meters, from the Silurian-Ordovician aquifer in the county of Tartumaa, the Republic of Estonia.

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